13 apps made with Xamarin: cross-platform app development

Using Xamarin for native app development means that the entire process can be completed faster and at a reduced cost in comparison to other app development platforms. App developers can share more than 75 percent of the entire app development code across multiple operating platforms. This not only saves time but also helps in reducing the number of bugs during the mobile app development process. A Best Travel Store Inc. project, Fareboom.com in cooperation with AltexSoft created a mobile travel and booking application both for iOS and Android platforms.

There is almost 100% code sharing if you decide to choose Forms over Native UI Technology. Xamarin also consists of UI design environments for Xamarin Studio and Visual studio which provides specialized UI and UX tools to the app developers and helping them in creating a flawless user experience. The top companies which are using Xamarin for mobile app development include Fox Sports, Bosch, Olo, Siemens, Pinterest, The World Bank, and more.

APX Travel Management

There’s also an option to save a mood board in drafts, so users who want to make their content on the go can wait until they have access to the web to add their shoppable link. Buckingham added that because Landing wanted to push out the feature as quickly as possible, it will only have the “basic tooling” at launch rather than the full functionality that exists on the web. For instance, mobile users are unable to upload images or add shoppable links to mood boards — two helpful features for small businesses and brands looking to promote their products on the platform.

When it comes to the Xamarin framework, it is incorporated of many different offerings that are primarily designed to cater the need of different stages of the app development procedure. On May 16, 2011, Miguel de Icaza announced on his blog that Mono would be developed and supported by Xamarin, a newly formed company that planned to release a new suite of mobile products. According to de Icaza, at least part of the original Mono team had moved to the new company. More than 10,000 MRW employees operate in over 1,300 franchises in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, and Venezuela. A critical element to the company’s progress is an app that supports 2,500 concurrent users by facilitating delivery coordination. We appreciate you complementing our post with the details of your experience with Xamarin.

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When considering iOS or Android app development, most of us think about Objective-C vs Swift, and Java first of all. Being considered native tech stacks, they are naturally most often used mobile development tools when it comes to iOS and Android app development. However, there are more ways to build performant and user-friendly mobile apps.

With so many benefits of Xamarin, a number of major companies opted for it to develop their own mobile apps. As of today, there are over 15,000 companies that rely on this framework and the efforts of Xamarin Developers. Regardless of whether you face one of the cases above, if you are engaged in a mobile development project, you should familiarize yourself with Xamarin. This is by far the best cross-platform development tool on the market and, standing on Microsoft’s shoulders, its influence will only grow over time. Within three months, the company managed to release the app for all three platforms by reusing 75 percent of the code.

Building Your First Mobile App with C# .NET and Xamarin

In this article, we conduct an in-depth Xamarin review and compare it to native and cross-platform mobile development solutions on the market. If you know the basics, consider skipping to the sections you are interested in. The demand for mobile app development continues to rise in the last few years.

What is Xamarin in mobile app

The key factors for choosing an acceptable version are the experience of developers (students or professional engineers) and their team size. Programmers can develop https://wizardsdev.com/en/news/new-mobile-course/ software for Web, mobile, server, and desktop with all versions. Learn more about Visual Studio in our article about the tools used for .NET development.

Considering Other Options: Xamarin vs Hybrid Development vs Native iOS/Android vs Other Cross-Platform Frameworks

Technically speaking, Xamarin uses C# and native libraries wrapped in the .Net layer for cross-platform app development. Such applications are often compared to native for both iOS and Android mobile development platforms in terms of performance and user experience. Additionally, Xamarin can leverage all native and the latest API access to utilize underlying platform capabilities in Xamarin apps such as ARKit on iOS or Android Multi-Window. Xamarin itself leverages .NET development platform that comes with C# language, its compilers, base libraries, editors and tools. Xamarin extends .NET so that developers can build mobile apps and target multiple platforms. For instance, if you were creating a native mobile app on their different app development platforms, then this would essentially require double effort as well as time to complete.

What is Xamarin in mobile app

Here is a picture from the Xamarin website that I would like to share so that you can understand better what is happening under the hood. While being beneficial in many ways, Xamarin is also slightly accused of consuming more time for the additional job of adjusting the app file size. This is mainly because of the generous use of Xamarin’s core libraries and functionality that burdens the app stores with wrong app file size. MIT Innovation AG is a subsidiary of MIT-Group, a Swiss company offering ICT solutions for more than 25 years. Picturex is one of their four applications created using Xamarin, along with Photo2Folder, a local filesaver that can be integrated as a service for the existing app.

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile – Limited Beta – EA SPORTS Official Site

Earlier, we tested and compared the performance of Xamarin and native apps. The results might be somewhat outdated; however, they clearly demonstrate the decent level of Xamarin apps performance. Additionally, engineers can use Xamarin.Mac to build applications for Mac OS. These and some other products from the Xamarin stack will be discussed in a bit. C# is a mature language with strong safety-typing that prevents code from unexpected behavior.

  • To simplify your app management workflow, we have integrated the managed Google Play iframe into the Citrix Endpoint Management console.
  • Xamarin itself leverages .NET development platform that comes with C# language, its compilers, base libraries, editors and tools.
  • Very few developers are highly skilled in both Objective-C and Java, which means that the majority of them will have to add one or two programming languages to their existing skillset.
  • Within three months, the company managed to release the app for all three platforms by reusing 75 percent of the code.
  • Xamarin claims to roll out the updates on the same day, but lately, there is an issue of delay in the latest updates witnessed by a lot of developers across the globe.
  • Landing launched its iOS app in March, which only let mobile users create simple grids with five images and had no way of rotating assets or moving them around besides a shuffle button that randomly organized them.

The application is meant to be a mobile travel assistant for Fareboom users. The biggest challenge for the AltexSoft team was a simultaneous release for the App Store and the Google Play market. Xamarin binds the same APIs and UI controls which are used to build the iOS, Android, and Mac apps in their respective platform-specific language.

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