How to calculate and record the bad debt expense

It’s also worth noting that your historical percentage of collections will likely vary between bullish and bearish economic cycles. If your company has enough business history to reference how collections performed in different economic cycles, this can be helpful for casting predictions. This miscommunication leads to AR teams being out of step with customer needs … Read more

What To Look For in a Small-Business Checking Account

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What is Process Costing? definition and features

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Pros and Cons: Preferred Stock vs Common Stock

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Self-Employed Accounting Software

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Peerform personal loans review September 2022

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Tax calculator, tables, rates FTB ca gov

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A complete guide to depreciation of fixed assets

Content A Plain English Guide To The Straight Line Depreciation Method Methods of Goodwill Amortization Courses Stop RunningYour BusinessLike This! Step 6: Divide Annual Depreciation By 12 To Calculate Monthly Depreciation Straight-Line Depreciation Rate Instead, you have to spread the deduction out across the timespan you’ll be using it. The straight line depreciation calculation should … Read more